Pssst… Head’s Up – Game On !

2024 has begun and so has the New Game-Play in our Employee-Owned Tool Box Talk (TBT) & Merit Recognition Program. 

Toolbox Topics (TBT’s) are an important communications for us to share the learned and practical knowledge of everyone in the company.  From the bottom to the top, Left-to-Right, Tradesman to Managers… we created and shared Work Place Safety, ESOP News and Personal Health articles chock full of good experiences and lessons learned.  In fact, last year in 2023 there were over 9,000x’s views.  

2024 Award & Recognition – How do I earn merits?

  1. Open and read Tool Box Topics on the CPC App (5pts/ea).
  2. Participate on company improvement teams (10pts/ea).
  3. Complete quarterly on-line training (25pts/qtr).
  4. Receive customer cudos (10pts/ea).
  5. Advance to a higher trade certification (100pts/ea)


The Safety Committee’s GOAL is to provide enough Toolbox Talks [TBT] so a wide range of work-topics are included and so everyone in #CPFC has a chance to participate.  We have committed to doing TBT’s at least 1x / week each year and will recognize Employee-Owners for their efforts and leadership at our annual Christmas party.

Click here to go to our 2024 TBT calendar.  Please feel free to print, download and share.