Congratulations to everyone who participated in 2020’s Tool Box Talks (TBT’s) !!!

They are an important communications for us to share the learned and practical knowledge of everyone in the company. From the bottom to the top, Tradesman to Managers we created and shared Work Place Safety and Personal Health articles chock full of good experiences and lessons learned. In fact there were over 3,000 times we shared information. For your efforts throughout the year – The Safety Committee is proud to present… Awards & Recognition for a job well done !!! 

As a matter of Fame & Prestige, the Top 3 Tradesmen were:
Joe Sabato (95), Ken Reigel (90), Jon Offord (90).


As a matter of Fame & Prestige, the Top 3 Office Personnel were: 
Ron Green (91), Joe Stauffer (90), Kate Friedenfeld (83).


Your Choice TBT Awards

All other previous levels and awards have been merged into this level…


GONE – – Here’s what other CFPC’ers have chosen – Merry Christmas Everyone !!!


There are no exchanges.  All selections are final. 

Please double check clothing sizes, and also remember there are both Men’s and Women’s apparel.  Items may be picked up at the Leola Office before the end of the year… or they will be delivered to you in January 2021.  For those of you who are out of the office for the Christmas Holiday – Enjoy the Season and your Families.

Peace Everywhere, All the time – Your CFPC Safety Committee – CU in 2021