Safety & Quality Control Department

Leading by Example…

Safe Work practices and Quality Control are an integral part of everything we do at #Commonwealth Fire Protection #CFPC. We build, service, and provide emergency service, perform inspections on commercial, industrial, and residential fire sprinkler systems in PA, NJ, MD, DE.  So, from Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements to specific safety training programs, we provide our employees with the tools to work safe.


Qualified Technicians

We provide a Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry Certified workplace Safety Committee.  The Safety Committee mentors safety in the workplace, reviews job site safety for concerns, tracks and investigates incidents and conducts inspections and training. With safety committee representatives from all departments of our company, we develop meaningful interaction and relevant perspectives from a cross-section of all employees.  At #CFPC our safety standards are truly employee driven and fully supported by management.

Safety Committee

Our Construction & Industry EH&S Programs Include:

  • Audits & Inspections
  • Awards & Recognition
  • CSE: Trenches, Pits, Vaults & Attics
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Ergonomic; In the Office & Field
  • Fall Prevention; Construction & General Industry
  • Hazard Communication & GHS
  • Incident Investigation
  • Construction (Occupational) Hygiene
  • Risk Reviews & Job Safety Assessments
  • Ladders & Scaffolding
  • LO/TO & Electrical Safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • PA & DE Registered Safety Committees
  • ABC’s Keystone Safety STEP Program
  • Training & Education
  • SMITH System Defensive Driving
  • Time Card

Quality Control Plan and Qualifications

#CFPC employs a full-time Technical and Quality Assurance Manager with over 30+ years of fire sprinkler service and inspection experience.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Servicing and enhancing the quality of finished work by installation, service, and inspection personnel
  • Implementing the quality standards set by the company and by code
  • Education of employees regarding installation, testing, and inspection procedures
  • Customer technical assistance and customer service
  • Technical & troubleshooting support for all company departments
  • Project close-out and owner training


CFPC team in safety gear

#CFPC employs a highly trained, skilled, certified, and qualified staff of fire protection designers, estimators, project managers, installers and inspectors.

  • NICET certification for designers and inspection technicians
  • AFSA apprenticeship program for all field/service and inspection staff
  • Multi-state certifications for designers and inspectors

#CFPC utilizes quality material suppliers and fabricators using UL / FM / NFPA approved methods and materials.

#CFPC applies a “Best Practice Manual” for design, installation, and estimating, exceeding code and NFPA standard requirements.

#CFPC ensures project cost analysis by holding weekly project cost tracking meetings with ownership, project management, design manager, and estimating staff.  Every facet of #CFPC’s projects are reviewed including: Design Requirements, Material Costs, Labor hours, Change orders, Accounts recievable, and the 3 Phases of Quality Control: pre-construction, construction, and final close out.


Safety & Risk Manager

Quality Control Manager

Awards & Certifications: